I opened my practice in September 2008 and purchased Medisoft which was a horrible experience. I paid good money for the program and could not get assistance. I posted on NP Business Owner site and Mylikia Ross with Divine Medical Billing called and was so hopeful. Her expertise in guiding me to peace of mind was well worth call. You may want to contact her for consultation at www.divinemedicalbilling.com. She has really made things easier for me as a new start clinic.

Irene Bean, FNP
Serenity Health Care
Madison, TN

Mylikia Ross and Divine Medical Billing has been a life saver for my practice. Her personal service and accurate billing has assisted me in improving the efficiency of my practice, training my staff, ending my Medicare credentialing nightmare, and much more. The services of Mylikia Ross have enabled me to open my second practice. Choosing Divine Medical Billing service is one of the best decisions I have made for my business.

Moses A. Swauncy, M.D.
Jackson Square Family health care
LaVergne, TN

The first project I had once becoming office manager, was to find a replicable medical billing service. I am so happy we choose Divine Medical Billing. I now have one less task to worry about and I still have access to our billing records real time. Now, I can focus on the practice

Allie Bonner, Office Manager
Tanzi Dooley, MD
Total Family Care Clinic
Murfreesboro, TN

I wanted to open a primary care clinic and felt that I had experience in all aspects of operating a healthcare business except for the important task of billing. I learned about Divine Medical Billing through a NP website and hired them. They helped get my small clinic started and now 2.5 years later we are thriving. Their swiftness in handling claims and their customer support is outstanding!

Sandra Newsom, FNP
Newsom Healthcare
Horn Lake, MS

My ANGEL! Divine Medical Billing saved my practice. They are truly DIVINE!

Jennifer Weaver, FNP
Weaver Family Practice
Old Hickory, TN

Mylikia is a must have” for any medical or nursing practice. She helped get me and my practice credentialed with many insurance companies in record time. She is organized and attentive to detail. As an NP with a brand new independent practice, her expertise was (and still is) invaluable to me. I highly recommend Mylikia for both billing and credentialing services.

Jan Daniel, FNP-BC
Stokesdale Family Care, PC
Stokesdale, NC

Mylikia helped me right my billing ship, which at the time was sinking. Very professional and personable. We have seen a great collection rate that this practice had never experienced before meeting Mylikia and Divine Medical Billing.

Jason Boylan, FNP-C
3rd and Church Healthcare
Nashville, TN