Why Outsource

why outsource

Medical Billing is our core business, therefore we do a better job. We put our efforts into keeping abreast with the changing industry of insurance billing. We also look for ways to increase reimbursements and reduce denials.


We also save our clients time. Using our billing service eliminates the need to advertise job openings, hire and train a medical biller. We provide reports as often as necessary saving time from wondering if claims are being filed. With our service there is no need to make time to manage a biller.


More money for our clients is a significant attribute. All our efforts go into increasing the practice’s cash flow as quickly as possible. We process claims in a timely manner insuring quick reimbursement and eliminating denials for timely filing. We address denied claims and resubmit them to insurance payers immediately.


Even more money is saved for clients who take advantage of our Complete Billing Service. The Complete Billing Service also saves our clients from purchasing extra computers and expensive billing software.


Our clients save the cost of an employee.



  Employee Divine Medical Billing
Wage Per Hour Percentage
Social Security Tax Yes No
Medicare Tax Yes No
Unemployment Tax Yes No
Payroll Expense Yes No
Overtime Yes No
401 K Yes No
Health Benefits Yes No
Training Yes No
Turnover Yes No
Advertising Job Opening Yes No
Interviewing Expense Yes No
Pre-Employment Expense Yes No