For our billing service clients we can manage the application process to contract with insurance plans such as; Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Medicare, Medicaid, Aetna, United Health Care, Cigna, TriCare and more.




We have contracted economical rates with a third party comprehensive collection service. For a contingency fee, the program will pursue outstanding patient account balances. Included in service is written and verbal contact with patients, and credit bureau reporting.
Administrative Training
We train administrative staff on our software, ways to verify insurance, and collect co-pays. These initiatives will help in processing claims quickly.
Insurance Verifiication
Clients have access to real time electronic insurance verification. At a click of a button, clients view insurance eligibility, co-pay and deductible information. This helps reduce patient check-in time, accounts receivable, and improves staff efficiency.
Financial Reporting
Financial reporting is done on a monthly basis to manage days of service outstanding (DSO), account receivable (AR), charges, adjustment rates, claim processing, and future projections.
Our clients have the option of activating the appointment scheduler. The scheduler is link to our billing system and is accessible with internet connection.
Medical Billing
Electronic Claims- All eligible claims are processed electronically. Reports are reviewed to ensure claims are submitted successfully.   Paper Claims- Claims that are not eligible for electronic submission will be sent on paper forms, HCFA 1500.   Patient Statement- Patients statements are mailed once per month. Final demand notices are optional.   Posting Payments- All payments from insurance payers and patients will be entered into billing systems to account for paid claims.
Accounts Receivable
Extensive claim research is performed to status and collect unpaid claims.
Claim Denial Review
All denied claims are reviewed for resubmission. This process is used to identify billing concerns and create opportunity to eliminate future denials. In addition, denial review will reduce days of service outstanding (DSO) and account receivable (AR) balances.
Our set up is lightening fast. Within 3 days our billing software can be ready to send claims electronically.,